Having a designated fire warden at work is an important part of fire safety. The fire warden works together with the employer to ensure that fire safety measures and evacuation procedures are in place and effective.

Fire safety is something to be considered when at work, that is why having a designated fire warden is so important. The employer and the fire warden Cooperate in order to ensure that evacuation procedures and fire safety measures are in place and most of all, effective.

Here are some Fire Marshal duties that will keep you and your business safe from fire.

  • Your emergency exits should be free from obstruction at all times.
  • Your fire extinguishers should be checked every now and the. They need to be indicated by signs, in the right position and serviced.
  • Your fire doors need to be checked every week in order to see if they are kept closed and also see if they are in good working order.
  • Test your fire alarm each week. It is a fire marshal duty to carry this out, in order to see if everything is working fine.
  • Your emergency lighting should be checked every month. Light should be working and if they are not you would need to contact a fire safety company or an electrician
  • Check your break glass call points. A break glass call point is a device fixed to the wall from where you can sound the fire alarm by breaking the glass. This points should always be visible and indicated by signs.
  • Your fire safety signs need to be in the right places, always securely stuck.
  • Check your smoking areas in order to see if they are kept clean and ashtrays are emptied regularly.
  • All new starters must have fire safety awareness training, and all staff should have an annual refresher, so that is why Fire Marhsals have to carry out safety inductions.
  • If you have any hazardous materials they need to be controlled. Flammable liquids and other dangerous substances need to be kept correctly

Our trained Fire Marshals are specially trained in fire prevention and evacuation. They will carry out the duties listed above and more.