Mobile Patrols London

We provide comprehensive and tailored security services to residential and commercial clients. Our mobile patrol services harness the power of technology and the skills of our security personnel to deliver fool proof security solutions. From securing large open areas such as educational facilities to sensitive sites such as warehouses, from alarm systems to providing manned guarding, our security staff can provide you with all security services which are necessary for your property.

Tailored security plans for you

We understand that every property is different and has a different security requirement. Some businesses may require remote monitoring combined with security alarm systems, while others may be more secure with manned guarding or mobile patrolling. Our security experts will sit down with you and discuss your requirements. They will visit your property and prepare the perfect security plan for securing your business or home. Our mobile security patrols services in London can secure vacant properties, construction sites, retail parks, warehouses, and many others.

Internal security monitoring

Internal mobile patrolling is often required for large commercial infrastructures. To ensure that your premises get the right security, you will provide a set of spare keys to the appointed security supervisor for patrolling your property’s interior. The patrolling team will inspect all internal areas and make frequent patrolling rounds during duty hours. This way, our security personnel can keep an eye on your property, identify any sensitive areas, and inspect security systems to make sure they are working properly.


External security

The entry points to any property are often the most sensitive, especially if there are multiple entry points. A building with multiple windows, emergency exits, multiple doors, etc., cannot be fully secured just by CCTV cameras or remote monitoring. Such properties need a combination of two or more security services to ensure the safety of their property. Live monitoring combined with mobile patrolling and trained dogs can prove to be an excellent security arrangement. Let us know how we can help. Our mobile patrols London service will minimise the stress related to securing your site. Our vehicles are equipped with the latest navigation, GPRS, and communication systems to ensure an immediate response.

Timely and effective response

Remote monitoring, CCTV camera, and security alarms are all effective security measures but designing the right security plan relative to your security needs is extremely important. All these measures, when combined with a mobile patrol unit, ensure that any security situation will be dealt with quickly. Many situations require immediate response, and only mobile patrols can ensure that. They can also protect your property from other hazards such as fire. Pertinent to mention that our security personnel receive regular training to ensure physical fitness. They are also trained regularly to use security gadgets and equipment, which can help provide effective security.

Mobile Patrols London

Most effective visual deterrence

Security vehicles which are properly marked and have warning lights can be an incredible deterrent. Add to that properly uniformed and trained security personnel, and you have the perfect recipe for scaring away any potential thieves, burglars, and troublemakers. Even if someone decides to take the risk, our security personnel providing mobile patrols London are fully trained to counter criminals and defend your property.

SIA-approved security company

The SIA (Security Industry Authority) works to promote the implementation of high-security standards so that security companies can perform better. It is not a regulatory requirement, and any security company can implement the framework. SIA approval provides confidence to clients who want to avail of security services. It is fast becoming a standard for every security company. The approved contractor scheme (ACS) is regulated by the SIA. We can proudly say that we are SIA-approved and follow the best security standards for ensuring the deliverance of effective security services to all our customers.

What makes us the best?

  • Nationwide coverage
  • Comprehensive security packages as well as customised ones.
  • Regular training is provided to our security personnel.
  • SIA-approved security company
  • Latest tools & technology
  • Fully equipped and properly marked security vehicles.
  • An immediate and effective response to threats.