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1stnationwidesecurity is a security services company dedicated to providing security solutions to offices, events, businesses, construction sites, etc. We strive to make your environment safe for you and your loved ones. We strive to secure your hard-earned assets and your valuables from criminals and trouble makers. Get in touch with us to learn more about our services. We give due consideration to the budgets of our clients and can come up with an affordable solution for your construction security London

Why Do Construction Sites Require Security?

Whether you are building a commercial or a residential site, they both require security. A construction site, especially during the night, or when the labour is away, is an attractive location for thieves, trouble makers, and even children. Criminals can try to steal your valuable raw material and trouble makers can cause damage to your site. While children and teenagers may consider it as a prospective playground and end up hurting themselves. All these concerns should not be ignored and you should provide effective security to protect your hard-earned money. An effective security plan would also ensure the safety of children by preventing them from entering the construction site.  

We at 1stnationwidesecurity have the perfect security solution for you. Call us on our registered number or get in touch with us online for construction site security in London. We will customize a security plan that ensures the safety & protection of your site.


How Is the Construction Site Protected?

We are offering several security services which include security guards, dog handlers, fire marshals, mobile patrols, and others. A well-designed security plan for your construction site can protect your interests effectively. Depending on the area, you can opt for simply a security guard or a team. The personnel will be equipped with body scanners, communication devices, security devices according to your requirement. You can also avail a full security plan including a mobile patrol vehicle, installation of CCTV cameras for surveillance, and even a fire marshal. Contact us and we shall customize the best security plan for construction security in London.

Trained K 9 Units:

We also provide dog handlers for Construction Security London. These handlers are in full control of their K 9 partners. Our dogs are fully vaccinated and fully trained to act as deterrents. They have also been trained to ensure that they do not harm innocent civilians. A K 9 unit can come in handy especially at a construction site during the night. A security combination of a dog handler and a mobile patrol service is one of the best security solutions for a construction site.

Construction Security London

High-Quality Devices:

The security gadgets and devices we use for securing your constructions sites are kept in immaculate condition. They are also regularly updated to ensure they are following the latest trends in security technology. These include Navigation systems, communication devices, surveillance devices, screening devices, scanning & detection devices, and many more. We regularly train our staff to ensure they are getting most of these devices. For the perfect construction site security London you can rely upon us.

Security Tips:

  • Keep in mind the area that requires security coverage. Too little security is no security.
  • Two security guards are always better than one.
  • Hire a security team to start their job right before the labour leaves.
  • Make a combination security plan.
  • Devices like CCTV cameras provide the best surveillance around the clock.
  • Adequate lighting at a construction site reduces the chances of trespassing.
  • A man with a dog is less likely to attract trouble-makers.
  • A stitch in time saves nine. Secure your site less you lose more than you tried to save.
  • Construction sites can be extremely dangerous for children.

Why choose us?

Our licensed security staff is highly trained in providing site security. They have considerable experience in this field and are well equipped for all probable security scenarios. Regular and proper physical training is an imperative part of their routine. Psychological tests and training are also provided to them so that they can process information in the right way. They are equipped with the latest security devices and gadgets.

Regular fitness tests & medical check-ups ensure that they stay fit for the job. We also train our staff to provide basic first-aid in case there is an emergency. Our team has been trained to follow all our Construction Security London protocols and follow them responsibly.

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