Keyholding Services London

Feel at peace, knowing that we are here, whenever you need us. Get reliable and trustworthy keyholding services London, here at 1st Nationwide Security.

We help you safeguard your office, home or any other premises that you want us to. With us, all your risks for keyholding are reduced.

Keyholding services in London are one of the most cost-effective solutions to various security threats. If you wish to protect your office, after working hours and your home, at all times, then keyholding London services are accessible around the clock, to help you out.

What Can We Help You With?

When it comes to optimal security, 1st Nationwide, won’t leave you alone. We have been working day and night, for the past many years, to bring peace of mind and relaxation to our clients. Security is one of the major concerns in almost everyone’s lives these days and with us, this worry is out to rest.

With us, you can get help with

  • Keyholding services London
  • Manned security
  • Alarm response
  • Door supervision
  • Mobile patrol


We are Always Here:

Get much-needed peace of mind with our keyholding services in London. We are always here, even when you aren’t.

Our fast response makes us a reliable keyholding company London. Whether it is your home or office, we can access your home immediately, if something seems wrong.

With our in-house keyholding London team, we are always protecting your spare keys. Our keyguard also rushes to your residency or office, with the keys, if required, at any time.

Whether you want us to carry out daily routine visits or you demand alarm activation; with 1st Nationwide Security, you are bound to get it all, right here.

Speak to us today and discuss all your concerns and queries with our team of experts

Keyholding Services London

Personalize your Keyholding London Services:

Over the past years, we have not only built experience. We have created an image and reputation that is hard to break. We are always looking after your keys and spaces, like a pro.

We understand that every client has their own needs. And therefore, we allow you to personalize your package, according to the services that you require. Whether you want us to add some of your requirements in our keyholding services London, or you want to minimize an element; let us know. We will specifically tailor a package just for you and quote the final price, within a short time.

We aim to help you maximize our services and gain the most benefit from them. Therefore, you can rest, assured, that we are protecting your home and its keys with all our dedication.

Our Keyguards are SIA Licensed:

At 1st Nationwide Security, all our guards are SIA licensed, to ensure that we are working with the best team in London. We are not confined to a set of limits but we help you with the following and much more…

  • Fire and intruder alarm system and response system
  • Get you the spare keys, whenever needed
  • We also respond to power cuts, floor leaks and much more
  • We take responsibility for locking and unlocking your property, as per requirement
  • Switching off unwanted appliances and equipment
  • Routine visits and inspections of empty spaces that you want us to look after

We have a lot more to offer and we are not just restricted to the above-mentioned services. You can speak to our experts, whenever needed and get your tailored keyholding London services, whenever required.

Book a Survey:

You can start by simply booking our survey and we will come in, to have a look at your space and discuss your needs. We carter a wide range of keyholding services in London and are accessible around the clock to make access easier for you all.

Key Collection:

After the survey, if you wish to work with our keyholding company London, we will come to collect your spare set of keys for your home or office. We then issue a receipt for your records and the keys are sealed and coded for high-security purposes.

Keyguard Quick Response:

If the alarm activates or any emergency knocks in, our keyguard response is super quick and we dispatch our keyguards right away. If the circumstances are serious, we get into all the details and contact you accordingly, planning for the right next step.

Contact us today:

If you want to hire our keyholding services in London, then simply give us a call and we will come in to start the survey.

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