Event Security London

1st Nationwide Security specializes in providing various types of security services including event security London. Our security staff receives continuous training and is equipped with the latest security devices & gadgets. Our Event Security in London services cover the following:

• School/College/University parties & ceremonies
• Office parties
• Art Exhibitions
• Industry or business events
• Sporting Events
• Museum and art gallery opening ceremonies
• Any other small or large scale event

Why Is Security Important for Events?

The crime rate around the world has been consistently increasing for the last few years and it is no different when it comes to London. Events or gatherings become an attraction for criminals or trouble makers. People may even try to take advantage of the crowd and infiltrate your event. This can result in unpleasant incidents such as theft, arson, and violence. Therefore, you need to provide security to your guests as well as your loved ones. A team of security guards along with a K 9 friend can successfully work as a deterrent for trouble makers or adventure seekers. Contact us if you are throwing a birthday party for a loved one, or you have an art exhibition, or for any other function. We will secure your so event so that you and your friends can enjoy it without stress or the occurrence of any unpleasant incident. If you have a large area to cover, you can hire more than one security personnel. You can avail a complete security solution including reception security, dog handlers, patrolling staff, fire Marshalls, etc. depending on your requirement. Your security package will be tailored to meet your requirements with due consideration to your budget. We believe in providing fool-proof security solutions to our clients and we have earned a repute for our services over the years.


Trained & Licensed Security Staff

Our Event security London team is fully trained. Moreover, regular training is an important part of their job. They are licensed to provide security services and have considerable experience. We make them go through rigorous training programs that focus not just on their physical abilities but also psychological. Their training programs are specially designed to improve Linguistics, negotiation skills, physical endurance & strength so that they are ready for multiple security scenarios. They have also been trained to provide first-aid services in case of an unfortunate event. The security staff is regularly checked for any medical issues that might disturb their ability to provide security.

Security devices & gadgets:

Our highly trained professionals are armed with the latest security devices and gadgets. They are given regular training when it comes to technologies that influence security & safety. Our security personnel are trained to effectively use the latest metal detectors, screening equipment, Guard patrol monitoring system, body cameras, navigation devices, communication devices, etc.

Event Security London

K 9 Unit:

Our Event security London team is also trained to handle their K 9 team members. These dogs are trained for several security scenarios such as guarding, detection of explosives or working as deterrents for trouble makers. They are fully vaccinated and are trained not to be hostile towards harmless civilians. Our security personnel and our K 9 Unit have been trained well to work alongside each other as an effective team.

Mobile Patrol Staff:

Our mobile patrol security staff is specially trained for providing effective patrolling services. Our patrolling vehicles are fully equipped with the latest navigation and communication technology. The vehicles are checked regularly and are dutifully maintained to provide non-stop patrolling services.

Presentable Staff:

The uniform of our security staff makes them presentable to people and makes them look professional. We follow a strict dress code to ensure disciplined behaviour. The security personnel are always equipped according to the security requirements of the event. Some events may demand stab-proof vests, Hi-Vis vests, etc. The security staff is equipped with radios for communication, ear/headpieces for convenience, stop-and-go traffic signs (if required), clipboards (if required), body scanners, etc.

Contact us:

If you are holding an event and require effective security contact us on our registered number or online through our website. We can customize a security package keeping in view your budget and your security requirements. We have provided event security services in London to countless events and we also provide regular security services to various businesses in London. We can confidently say that we are among the best event security companies London.

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