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If you are an individual or a company residing anywhere near Holborn and looking for security services, 1st Nationwide have all the solutions you need. If you need security guards for any security reasons or even if you are looking for security surveillance at your premises, we have both and a lot more. We can provide all sorts of security services whenever and wherever you need it.

We have professional and well-trained security personnel for each and every job we provide services for. If you are looking for premises surveillance or even open public event management security, we have security personnel for each job who are specially trained for such work. We always have more than the actual requirement of security staff available so we can meet any sort of requirement at any given time by any of our clients. Arranging more staff in emergencies is never a problem when you hire 1st nationwide security.

We keep tabs on all our security staff as well as the management of the company, making sure that each and every member is reporting to their supervisors. This is very helpful when there is any sort of change in the requirement and even to keep a track on the situation at hand. We are always connected to our employees at job so deliver maximum security and updates to our clients. Security services we provide include:

  • Security Guards
  • Guard Dogs
  • Event Management
  • Mobile Patrolling
  • CCTV Surveillance/Monitoring
  • Alarm Response Team
  • Locking/Unlocking Security
  • Advance Security Systems

We have been operating in the security industry for over a decade and have many satisfied clients all over Holborn and surrounding areas. Our regular reporting, professionally trained security staff and years of experience give us competitive edge over the market and our competition. No matter how many security personnel you are looking for, we have more than enough at any given time. We can provide for wide range of security services as well as for crowd management security without any delay.