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Company or an individual, if you are any of the two and looking for any kind of security services in or near Hounslow, 1st nationwide security can definitely help you. If you need to set surveillance on your business or home premises or even looking to get assets protected or event management security, we have perfect solution for you. We can provide all kind of security services with our highly trained professional staff.

We have highly trained professional security personnel in our company who handle the security services we provide. They are well trained to handle security in public events, private security and also general surveillance. We also have fully trained guard dogs to provide extra security when required. We always have enough human resource to cover any possible situation, whether event management security, any high level security or any other public security is concerned, we can cover them all without any issue. We can arrange any number of staff for any kind of security job whenever needed.

Our staff is always in communication with our head office making sure all the instructions are carried out without a glitch or hiccup. Our head offices make sure that the staff personnel are on duty and doing their job according to the requirements by the client. If any new requirements arise or update is required, we make sure it is delivered to the personnel working the job, making sure its carried out. Our specialties include:

  • Security Guard Dogs
  • Security Guards
  • Mobile Patrolling
  • Event Management Security
  • Alarm Response Unit
  • CCTV Monitoring/Surveillance
  • Advance Security Systems
  • Key Holding Security
  • Locking/Unlocking Security

Our experience in the industry speaks for ourselves. We are well known in the market for our reliability and excellence when it comes to security services. We have experience in the industry of over 10 years and have provided security in all areas in Hounslow. We are familiar with the area and our experience gives us a competitive edge over other security companies in Hounslow. If you are looking to hire professional and trained security services, 1st Nationwide Security is the answer you are looking for. Give us a call to discuss what you are looking for.