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Individual or Company, if you are any of the two and looking to get security implemented for your premises, assets or even your house, We at 1st Nation Wide Security certainly can help you get all that covered. Even if the security is needed at bigger scale like concerts or any public event, we deal in all kind of security services to cover all the requirements needed to cover the events.

Our Security personnel on the job are highly trained to do their jobs when it comes to providing security services. They make sure that they are alert and aware of their surrounding at all times while making sure that every one around them are safe and sound from any issue. They are trained to handle situations related to general public security and safety of everyone around them. We can also provide K9 Guard Dogs when security in large scale is required. Our Guard Dogs are professionally trained for security measures and checks. We always have more than enough security personnel available for duty whenever needed. We recently covered London Olympics 2012 security and some other major public events.

We keep constant contact with our security guards on duty along with the clients they are working for, making sure that they are on their posts and on duty. They are updated on regular basis by our head office with new requirements given by the clients. If our clients provide any new information, we make sure it’s conveyed to the security personnel at the job. Our security services in Park Royal includes but not limited to:

  • Guard Dogs
  • Mobile Patrol Team
  • Security Guards
  • Locking Unlocking Security
  • Key Holding Security
  • Alarm Response Unit
  • CCTV Monitoring and Surveillance
  • Advance Security System
  • Event Management System

Our Experience in the industry is of more than 10 years, giving us competitive edge over the competition in the market. We are well aware of the Park Royal area, as we have been dealing with security in the Park Royal in the past. Our security services are top notch in quality and many of our clients recommend us to others. We have security guards, dog and systems ready to be implemented to give you maximum security. If you are unsure about what you actually need, give us a call and we will help you decide.