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Security Services in Stratford is one the services we at 1st Nationwide Security are known for. There are many security companies in London working in Stratford Security but we at 1st nationwide security have competitive edge over other companies as we have worked for Stratford security in the past and are known for our work. We were also recruited for Security Services at London Olympics 2012. We have experience in security in Stratford for over 10 years and have many satisfied clients in the area.

If you are an individual or a company who is looking to recruit security personnel, security guards or even security guard dogs, we have all kind of these services to protect your company, house, assets and premises. Our other specialties include our control over crowd management security and event management security. Group of our security staff is especially trained for such security services. They are alert, aware and responsive at all times. They also include our Security Guard Dogs and guard dog handlers who make sure that the guard dogs are perfectly healthy and are alert and aware of their surroundings. These K9 Guard Dogs are used when high level of security is in question as they are professionally trained to do their job when it comes to security. We have enough resources to arrange any number of security guards and k9 guard dogs whenever and wherever they are required.

Our offices keep record of all the security personnel on duty and off duty and also keep a constant contact with each one of them, making sure that they are available at their position and aware of everything around them. If there is any change in security requirements by the clients, our head offices make sure that they are assigned to the suitable security officer in Stratford and is carried out as required. Our most common security services include:

  • Un/Locking Security
  • Security Guard Dogs
  • Mobile Patrol Unit
  • Security Guards
  • Key Holding Security Team
  • Event Management Security
  • CCTV Surveillance & Monitoring
  • Alarm Response Team
  • Advance Security Systems

Our Security Company have been dealing with security services in Stratford for more than 10 years and have all the experience in the subject matter. Our experience and knowledge of the area gives us the competitive edge over our competition as we can carry out security more thoroughly as we know the area. If you are still unsure or have queries about our services, call us today and we would be happy to help.