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There are many security companies in London but 1st nationwide security is one of the few who are specialized in security services in Watford area in London. We are known for our services and have satisfied client all over the country. We have been dealing in the security services for over 10 years and have experience which not many companies have. We have been providing home protection for individuals for maximum security and peace of mind for them. We have been providing asset protection security, premises guarding and reception security for the companies as well.

If you are a company and looking to get security for your premises or even looking to get asset protection, we have security personnel specialized in the required area. Even if you are looking for reception security or even a k9 security guard dogs for overall security of the premises, we can provide all that and more. Our security guards and other security personnel are specially and professionally trained to be able to provide efficient security. We have professionally trained dog handlers who make sure that our k9 guard dogs are healthy and fit for security. We also have specialized staff for crowd management and security checks in larger scale. We can handle any event management security without a hassle as we have the capacity to arrange any number of security guards at any given time.

If you are looking to get surveillance and monitoring of your office premises or house, our mobile patrolling team is the right solution for you. Our patrolling security team is alert and always on duty making sure you get complete peace of mind while we do the security for you. Our security personnel keep in constant contact with our head offices, making sure that they are up to date on the requirements of the clients. If the clients have any new requirements, we make sure that our guards are up to date on it and can start their work accordingly. Our services include:

  • Alarm Repose Team
  • CCTV Monitoring/Surveillance
  • Locking & Unlocking Security
  • Advance Security System
  • Security Guards
  • Mobile Patrols
  • Key Holding Security
  • Security Guard Dogs
  • Event Management Security

We have been dealing in security services for over 10 years have many happy clients, who are satisfied with our services. We have a competitive edge over our competition as we have more experience in the relevant sector and in Watford area in London than any other security company in London. We have the capacity to arrange large number of security guards at any given time whenever and wherever they are needed.